New EMPHASER Amplifiers for Audiophile Music Lovers

EMPHASER’s EA-S2 and EA-S4 class A/B power amps impress with plenty of power and an excellent sound

With the SENSE amplifiers, the EA-S2 (2-channel) and the EA-S4 (4-channel), the well-known EMPHASER brand now has two top class class A/B power amps in its product range that combine excellent music reproduction and a natural sound with lots of power. The EA-S4 produces 4 x 70 watts RMS into 4 ohms, while the EA-S2 with 2 x 160 watts RMS into 4 ohms, is a solid power source for powerful car audio systems. With 1 x 440 W RMS into 4 ohms the EA-S2 can also be used as a mono amplifier to drive a subwoofer.


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