EMPHASER accessories stand for high functionality and safety. As an experienced provider of car audio products, we know exactly what is important and ensure the best possible solution.

EM-BMW3SBC Bass housing
  • RCA cable series
  • ESP-T1
  • ESP-T2

High-end RCA cable series

With this high-quality RCA cable series, EMPHASER provides comprehensive protection for the most important of your car audio system: the music signal.

The stranded conductors are sheathed with aluminum foil and embedded in a flexible PVC jacket. The durable nylon hose protects the cable effectively against mechanical stress. Reliable contact is ensured by the molded connectors with spring contacts.

ESP-RC1stereo RCA cable length 1 m
ESP-RC3stereo RCA cable length 3 m
ESP-RC5stereo RCA cable length 5 m
ESP-RCYFRCA Y-cable “female”
ESP-RCYMRCA Y-cable “male”

EM-BMW3SBC for BMW E9x Models

Der originale BMW-Subwoofer ist häufig mit dem Gehäuse fest verklebt, so dass das Entfernen des Subs schwierig ist. Mit dem EMPHASER-Gehäuse EM-BMW3SBC für BMW E9x Modelle entfällt die aufwendige Arbeit: Einfach alten Woofer samt Gehäuse entnehmen, EMPHASER Sub mit neuem Gehäuse montieren.

ESP-T1 Speaker Terminal

Patentiertes Subwoofer-Terminal, Anschlussdose und isolierter 2-teiliger Stecker mit vergoldeten, zugentlasteten Schraubanschlüssen, Einbau-Loch Durchmesser 77 mm

ESP-T2 Safety Speaker Terminal

Quickly installing and removing subwoofers with the Emphaser Speaker Terminals, the ESP-T1 Speaker Terminal or the Safety Speaker Terminal ESP-T2. The ESP-PLC Power / Line Connector is a patented coupling system for connecting cinch cable, power and remote cables. The clutch makes it possible to quickly unplug or connect amps / active subs.

ESP-PLC Power/Line Connector

The power/line connector, protected by worldwide patents, perfectly solves the problem how to plug and unplug powered trunk subwoofers in only a few seconds. The ESP-PLC allows to connect two power cables – up to 20 mm² –, one remote lead and one stereo RCA interconnect cable. The plug features mechanical reverse polarity protection. All connectors are made of solid gold plated brass, to ensure low contact resistance.