Top Control Amplifiers

Powerful car audio performance with emphasis on sound quality aside of the motto “small is beautiful“ – the EMPHASER amplifier line up receives a program-update by the addition of two top control models, convincing with audiophile sound reproduction, but also with truly compact size and a user oriented set of features. The series consists of three models: the class A/B amps EA285 (2-channel) and EA485 (4-channel).


The very compact dimensions, the amps each are just 120 mm wide and 60 mm high, provide the installer and buyer with a highly flexible approach for the installation.

Starting with the noble design, the deployment of high-quality components up to the high quality signal processing of music at the amp input side – these EMPHASER amps allow you to see and hear the investment in their inner values. All models are based on a bipolar transistor amplifier circuitry layout. Therefore, the amps score with lossless amplification of the input signal, high damping factors and a crisp sound performance of high resolution.

Distortion levels at low signal output or signal-to-noise ratio in general give evidence of the input line driver quality. Highest reliability is guaranteed by SMD parts and use of FR4 main pcb boards, but also by the deployment of an internal temperature controlled fan for the 4-channel EA485.

The amps present themselves in a noble look due to the solid aluminum heatsink. Highest possible usability is provided by the top control: All crossover switches and potentiometers are easily accessible under a sliding aluminum plate on top of the amp. So after installation is complete, the adjustment of crossover functions is fully ensured.

Ease of use and practical features – EA285 and EA485 both have 12 dB/oct. high- and low-pass filter adjustment range between 50 and 250 Hz. Both amplifiers are equipped with a 12 dB/oct. subsonic filter variable from 15 to 50 Hz. The input sensitivity can be adjusted from 0.2 to 7 V. Thanks to the high-level input with auto turn-on function, the EMPHASER amplifiers can be combined with any factory radio or aftermarket head unit.